Following are the standind committees of the Staff Council, their functions, and members:


Bylaws Committee:

Review and propose revisions to the bylaws as needed.

Committee MembersExt.
Chair: Joe Hardy5024
Admin: Beth Nolte5194


Communications Committee:

Coordinate and provide information to staff employees concerning Staff Council activites; establish and maintain Staff Council Web page and listserv.

(Bylaws state that the Secretary serves as a defacto chair on this committee)

Committee MembersExt.
Chair: Jamere Brown5776 
Tour Coordinator: Tyrone Coleman6145
Mary Ann Davenport5250


Nominations and Elections Committee:

Solicit nominations; prepare ballots; oversee the election process as outlined in the bylaws; develop and maintain a committee membership pool list.

Committee Members
Chair: Kevin Pigford


Policies and Procedures Committee:

Address issues relative to collective staff concerns (outside of grievance issues, which are addressed by university policy) 

Committee Members Ext.
Chair: Bene Williams5558


Special Events:

Plan, coordinate, and schedule special events.

Committee Members Ext.
Chair: Cindy Thompson5967
Admin: Kelly Schlosser5316

Admin: Tisha Huffer


Tech/Sc: Lantie Basinger


Ithaca Bryant5514
Tyrone Coleman6145
Mary Reed5111