Lincoln University Foundation, Inc. Board Members

The members of the Lincoln University Foundation Board, Inc. decicate the Soldiers' Memorial Plaza to the Soldiers' and Officers' of the 62nd and 65th Colored Infantries.

Dr. Roy E. Cheatham, President 
Mrs. Linda Moore Helm, Interim Secretary
Mr. Jerry Kauffman, Treasurer
Dr. Lynn Beckwith
Mr. Brian J. Berhorst
Mr. Joe Birk
Mrs. Ann Bollone
Dr. Cortez J. Bradley
Mr. James Jervey Brown
Mr. Benjamin L. Clarke
Dr. Don W. Cook, Sr.
Sen Rita Heard Days
Mrs. Julie Hamilton Johnson
Dr. James A. Frank
Mr. Joe E. Outlaw
Mr. Joseph L. Loethen
Mr. Victor Pasley
Atty. James W. Tippin
Mr. Detral  L. Treadwell, Sr.
Mr. Harold W. Westhues
Mr. Gary W. White
Mr. Richard Williams, Sr.

Ed Dwight

Landscape Architect
Christner, Inc.

General Contractor
United HRB General Contractors, Inc.