University Relations

Graphic Design Services  

The Office of University Relations is here to help the departments and offices of Lincoln University with advertising and publications. This office offers assistance in the production of catalogs, manuals, brochures, reports, posters, flyers and other informational publications. In cooperation with the submitting organization, the OPIUA will work to create a product that accurately reflects the message, while keeping costs at a minimum.

Please refer to the following list when submitting any publication requests: 

1. Download the Publication Request Form.

2. Return the form, along with all materials (text and photo) to the OUR. Please include contact information so a member of the OPIUA staff can schedule a consultation with the submitting organization. 

       i. If archive photos are to be provided by the OUR staff, please visit the office to review the photo catalog. Please include a Photo Request Form with submitted materials.  

      ii. If photography service is needed for the publication photos, please include a Photography Request Form with submitted materials.  

3. Attend the scheduled consultation with the OUR staff member to discuss budget, layout, quantity, schedule and other issues pertaining to the project. 

All steps must be completed, including submission of all materials before work will begin on the project. 

*Forms are also available in the Office of University Relations, located in Room B2 Young Hall.