Transcript Requests               


 A $5.00 processing fee is required prior to the release of all transcripts. Transcripts cannot be provided if you have a financial hold with the university. Payments by phone can be made to the Cashiers Office at (573) 681-5054 or 5055. Students may also mail in requests with cash, check or money orders payable to Lincoln University. 

***If paying by phone, please include the receipt number provided by the Cashiers Office on the request form before sending in your request.   

FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) guidelines regarding release of student records are strictly adhered to. Student records are confidential and transcripts are issued only at the written request of the student. Parents, relatives or friends may not request a transcript for you. To protect student privacy, requests delivered in person by anyone other than the student will not be accepted. Transcripts will not be released without your signature.      
Lincoln University does not release transcripts received from other colleges, universities or high schools. Additional copies must be obtained directly from the issuing institution. 
If a transcript is issued or mailed to a student, the words "Issued to Student" will appear on the transcript. If being delivered to an institution by the student, first check to ensure that they will be accepted. 

Click here for Transcript Request Form  

1.       Click the blue link above to access the transcript request form.
2.       Fill in all fields and print the request form.
3.       Please include all additional names that you have held in the past. 
4.       Sign your request. Transcripts will not be released without your signature. 
5.       Students wishing to pay by credit/debit card should contact the Cashiers Office at (573) 681-5054 or 5055. The Cashiers Office will provide a receipt number to include on the top of the request form. 
6.       If mailing the fee with the request form, please include cash, check or money order payable to Lincoln University. 
7.       Requests can be faxed to the Registrar's Office at (573) 681-5013 or e-mailed to   
8.       Allow 1-3 business days for transcripts to be mailed out. Most transcripts are mailed out the same day that they are received.  
9.       Lincoln University does not e-mail or fax transcripts. Requests can be mailed or picked up by the student with photo ID.
E-mail, fax or mail transcript requests to:
Lincoln University
Office of the Registrar
820 Chestnut Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: (573) 681-5011

FAX: (573) 681-5013