Schedule Of Basic Fees 2013-2014

Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the University

Fall or Spring
Per Semester

Missouri Resident
(Incidental) Fees

Non- Resident
(Incidental & Tuition) Fees

Undergraduate$205.00 per credit hour$418.00 per credit hour
Graduate$285.00 per credit hour$530.00 per credit hour
Senior Citizen$25.00 per semester (audit basis only)

$1,372 - $2,118.50  Double Occupancy
$1,976 - $2,684.50  Single Occupancy
$2,914.50  Apartment (4 People)


19 Meal Plan $1372.46 per semester
14 Meal Plan $1269.37 per semester
10 Meal Plan $1112.95 per semester

Late Registration$75.00 per semester
Lab Fee$25.00 - $70.00 per laboratory course
Parking Permit$42.00

$715 per semester (Fall/Spring)

Student Activity Fee$6.75 per credit hour
Technology Fee

$10.00 per credit hour

Building Maintenance Fee$92.70 per semester