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A Guide for Drivers on Lincoln University Business 

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Lincoln University Vehicles:
Lincoln University vehicles (which includes motor pool vehicles), are to be used for official University business only, not for personal use. (Section 301.260 RSMo) "Official University business" means any activity conducted in the performance of assigned duties as a University employee.

Lincoln University vehicles are to be operated only by authorized Lincoln University full-time or part-time faculty and staff members who possess a valid driver's license. Unless otherwise provided by law, non-Lincoln University individuals such as volunteers, students, spouses and children shall not operate state vehicles.

Passengers in University vehicles are limited to employees, students or guests of the University traveling on official University business. Authorized passengers who are properly licensed to drive in accordance with the provisions above are authorized to assist in the driving of a University vehicle.

Liability to other persons (bodily injury and property damage) due to employee negligence in the operation of a Lincoln University vehicle will be covered by the state provided the employee was operating the vehicle on official business within the scope of their employment.

It is the policy of Lincoln University that Lincoln University vehicles are to be used primarily for in-state business travel. For out-of-state travel, it is recommended that rental vehicles or other transportation services be used whenever feasible.Personal property in Lincoln University vehicles is not insured for loss or damage by the University. Coverage for these items may be provided by your personal homeowner, renter or private auto policy. Check your personal policy or contact your insurance agent.