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Personal Vehicles

Some conditions of state employment may necessitate the use of personal vehicles for official business.

Like most employers, Lincoln University pays mileage when a personal vehicle is used for official business and authorization is approved prior to the travel.

The established mileage reimbursement rate takes into consideration all costs of owning and operating a vehicle including depreciation. The reimbursement rate represents full compensation for the costs of operating your vehicle and therefore you maintain total responsibility to adequately insure, safely operate, properly maintain and protect your own vehicle. Physical damage or loss to your private vehicle and/or its personal property contents IS NOT COVERED BY THE STATE. Coverage shall be obtained through personal auto insurance.

Liability to others, including passengers, shall be covered by your private auto policy. The State Legal Expense Fund is available after ALL policies of insurance are exhausted, up to a maximum provided by law.

Most private auto policies exclude business activities. However, exclusions may vary depending on the extent of business usage. Not all policies are the same and levels of coverage differ. Refer to your policy or contact your agent for coverage specifics.