Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What shall I do with all of this surplus/excess property?

A: Send it to Materials Management at Shipping and Receiving Building.

Q: How do I do that?

A: Fill out the "Property Inventory & Change Report," and send it to the Warehouse at the Purchasing Department.

Q: How do I fill out the "Property Inventory & Change Report"?

A: Mark an (X) in one of the boxes, and list the description, tag no., location, etc. as shown on the form.

Have the form signed by the Department Head and mail it to the Purchasing Department.

Q: What will happen to the items after they reach the warehouse of the Purchasing Department?

A: They will be taken off your Department's inventory record, and put in temporary storage. All usable items will be available for transfer to any other department upon request.

Q: What if another department does not have a need for the items?

A: They will then be sold at a public auction or transferred to state agency for state surplus property. Employees of the University will have an opportunity to buy them at the public auction.

Q: What happens to the money these items bring in?

A: Part of it goes to pay the auctioneers services, and part of it will be used to cover the cost of up-keeping the temporary storage area.

Q: How will I find out about an auction?

A: It will be advertised in the newspaper and announced on KJLU. Also, auction flyers will be posted on campus.

Remember that all items (junk or excess) transferred or disposed without the proper document will still be reflected in your department's inventory record. Consequently, the department head will be held responsible for items that could not be accounted for.