Phillip Boydston is the new Farm Outreach Worker (FOW) for the Johnson and Cass County region. He grew up in the vicinity on a diversified family farm. It is located just south of Odessa, Missouri where his family has resided for many years. He earned a degree in Agriculture from the University of Missouri. Then, Bpydston gained experience with grazing and dairy operations in north Missouri. Later, he worked with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs and area producers in Lafayette County. After taking courses towards a master’s in Extension education through Iowa State University, Boydston found his calling. He looks forward to using his experience in his new job with Lincoln University Cooperative Extension (LUCE) near his home area. In addition to his professional experiences, Boydston maintains a low-input grass-based herd of cattle and hair sheep. He also has a small garden, forage, and row crop production.

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