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Criminal Records History Check

(For University Employees Only)

Lincoln employees in sensitive positions may require a criminal records history check prior to employment or shortly after their employment begins. Some supervisors may want a traffic records check to in sure persons driving university vehicles are in possession of a valid Missouri diver's license and that there are no outstanding traffic warrants or significant violations that have occurred (eg. DWI or excessive speeding violations.)

Supervisors must remember that these records are obtained for the sole purpose of determining suitability for employment or for granting driving privileges. Further releases of this information is not authorized.

Steps for Requesting a Criminal Records History for a University Employee

  1. Call or visit the Lincoln University Police Department at (573) 681-5555 to obtain a "Request for Criminal Records History Check" form.
  2. Have the individual that you are requesting the information on complete all sections of the "Request." It must bear his/her signature and it must be voluntary.
  3. If you desire a records check be completed using the individuals fingerprints also, the Lincoln University Police Department will fingerprint the person for you.
  4. Take the request, in person to the Criminal Records Division of the General Headquarters of the:
    Missouri State Highway Patrol,
    1510 East Elm Street,
    Jefferson City, MO. 65102
    Telephone Number:  (573)751-3313.
    1. For a search by Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Numbers, you must $5.00 per individual in either a check or money order payable to:  State of Missouri, Criminal Records System.
    2. For a search by fingerprints and Name, you must enclose $14.00 per individual in either a check or money order payable to:  State of Missouri, Criminal Records System.
  5. You may mail your request and appropriate payment to:
    Missouri State Highway Patrol,
    Criminal Records and Identification Division,
    Post Office Box 568,
    Jefferson City, MO. 65102
  6. If you have additional questions or need assistance please contact the Lincoln University Police Department at (573) 681-5555