Marketing Materials & Games Marketing Materials & Games

Marketing Materials and Games

We encourage you to make personalized paraphernalia or prizes available at your respective booths. Prospective visitors and students are more likely to visit your booth and inquire about your organization if you have visible marketing material or information available (e.g., posters, food, candy, handouts, prizes, giveaways, etc.) Please note all information should be easily securable at your booth and should not display inappropriate language or language that defames Lincoln University or its representatives. If you choose to host games or activities at your booth, please be sure to post all rules clearly and make sure participants understand them before beginning. Please do not have activities or games on the physical street, but in the grass area or on the sidewalk.

No Sale Items

Promotional materials, samples, services, prizes, tangible items, etc., may not be sold at any time during this event. You may provide coupons or discounts, but the selling of any item is strictly prohibited.