Faculty/Staff Telecommunications FAQ

View the voicemail menu flow chart - PDF
View faculty/staff phone cheat sheet - PDF

  • Make an external call
  • Transfer an incoming call
  • Transfer a call to a voice mailbox
  • Leave a message in a voice mailbox
  • Leave a callback request
  • Answer a callback request
  •  Setup voicemail
  •  Listen to voicemail messages
  • 3-Way conference call
  • Station call pickup
  • Group call pickup
  • Parking calls
  • Retrieve parked call
  • Set call forwarding
  • Cancel call forwarding
  • Accessing voice mail from off campus
  • Program a speed dial button on your office phone
  • Search the phone directory



Lincoln University's telecommunications infrastructure consists of a mixture of copper and fiber optic cabling. We utlilize VoIP (Voice over IP) for faculty and staff offices, but also use traditional analog phone lines for the residence halls, fax machine, emergency phones, etc. Combined with the VoIP technology, we also maintain an e-911 database for 911 call tracking and alerting.