LU Secure Wireless

LU has been running an unsecured (open) wireless network since 2006.  At the time this was a common, though unsafe practice.  Today as we continue to do more and more work from mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, the need for increased access and security has prompted OIT to implement a secure wireless network.

It’s not often we get to tie increased security, ease of use, and increased access together, but thoughtful planning and preparation have allowed us to offer better access to campus and internet resources without compromising security.  We also hope to offer faster and more reliable wireless connectivity within the next couple of years with the advent of 802.11ac and the replacement of current wireless infrastructure.

What does this mean for me?


All users should connect to “LUSecure” to access this new network using the same credentials.  

No more Webpage logins!

LUSecure uses WPA2-Enterprise authentication, so you only have to enter your credentials once per device: when you connect to it the first time.  You will no longer be asked to sign in before you can access the internet!

LUWireless – For Backwards Compatibility

The legacy “LUWireless” network will still be broadcast for older or incompatible devices.  This network will provide the same limited connectivity and the captive portal login as before.  

Enhanced Connectivity for Faculty and Staff

Since LUSecure traffic will be encrypted, we can now offer access to campus resources previously firewalled from wireless users.  OIT has configured role-based access so faculty/staff can connect to more resources than students.  This allows us to give the same level of access on the wireless network that we do on the wired network.  (Please keep in mind that wired networking will remain faster and more reliable, and should be used whenever possible, such as with a laptop docking station.)

  • Network drives
    The H:, L:, and other network drives that would normally be available only on the wire, will now be available wirelessly.
  • ERP Applications
    Authorized users will be able to access Colleague, ODS, and other ERP resources.
  • Outlook/Exchange
    Outlook will still disconnect from Exchange when you switch from a wired to a wireless connection, but you can simply close and re-open the application to restore connectivity.
    Shared calendars will work just as they do on wired connections and there is no longer any need to enter your username and password again (if it pops up, just close and re-open the application).