Lincoln University Acceptable Use Policy for
Computing and Network Services

I. General Information

Authority to Change
Reports of Violations

II. Responsibility

Lawful Use
Proper Authorization
Account Ownership 
Personal Identification
External Data Networks
Access to Data 
For-profit Use 
Incidental Personal Use 
Threats and Harassment 
Modification of Data or Equipment 
Removal of Data or Equipment 
Foreign Devices
Technology Purchases

III. Security

Level of Security
Concealed Identity 
Unauthorized Data Access 
Security Compromise
Data Interception 
Denial of Service 
Personal Responsibility

IV. Enforcement Procedures


V. Privacy Considerations

Appendix A: Copyright

Appendix B: Software Use Policy

Software and Intellectual Rights 
FAQs about Using Software 
Alternatives to Explore 
Site-Licensed and Bulk-Purchased Software 
Public Domain Software 
A Final Note

Appendix C: World Wide Web Policies and Guidelines

A. Policies
Loss of account 
Content Appropriateness 
Course Pages 
Process for Obtaining a Web Account 
Process for External Entities to Obtain a Link from the University Root Web Pages

B. Departmental Web Development Guidelines
Responsibility of Department Heads 
Responsibility of Department Developers 
The Web Integration Manager will…

C. Web Page Style Guidelines 
Guidelines for All Pages 
Departmental Pages 
Course Pages 
Organization Pages 
Faculty & Staff Personal Pages 
Official Links 
Official Web site Banners and Graphics
Official Colors 
Official Fonts

Appendix D: Electronic Mail Policies

Application of Policies 
Reasonable Confidentiality 
Acceptable Use 
MOREnet Acceptable Use Policy 
Threats and Harassment 
Inappropriate Electronic Communications 
Mass Mailings
Obtaining an Email Account 
Removal of Account 
Change of Name

Attachment I: Morenet Acceptable Use Policy

Attachment II: LUTC Physical Workstation Security Measures