National Alumni Association

President Alfred L. Harris Sr.
Fellow Lincoln University Alumni:

I feel privileged to have been elected as your National President.  In that role, I will be encouraging you, continually, to recruit new members for the Lincoln University Alumni Association (LUAA), to keep your membership current and to share your resources and talents with the University.  I will seek to collaborate with the various functional and support agencies of the University to honor and preserve the legacy of the institution, provide encouragement as well as material support for its students and promote the advancement of academic excellence for all.

The focus of my administration is consistent with the stated mission of the LUAA --  to assist with recruiting  students, raising funds, encouraging academic excellence and supporting the various aims, objectives and programs of the University.  In carrying out that mission, the Association has inherited several worthy challenges that must be addressed employing both sound business principles and the collective wisdom of its governing body.  Your engagement is important to that process.

If you're not already a member of the LUAA, please join through the chapter nearest your community, or contact the Alumni Affairs Office directly, if there is no chapter within 50 miles of your home.  Resolve to contribute according to your means and serve according to your talents, an institution that has served admirably - so many for so long.  Afford us the benefit of your input and ideas.  Join us for homecomings, graduations and national conventions.  Exercise your love for Lincoln University; get involved!

Alfred L. Harris,,Sr.
Alfred L. Harris, Sr.
President, LUAA

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