The Lincoln University Moodle Project

Lincoln University has selected Canvas  as the new Course Management System (CMS)/Learning Management System (LMS). 

RATIONALE: The details regarding the prompt for the change included a diminished satisfaction from faculty who use the LMS due to limited modules and applications, coupled with a significant increase in cost for the existing Angel LMS contract. The migration to Moodle, an open source (no fee) product, allows LU to enter into a long-term relationship with an LMS application with an extensive history of satisfaction across the spectrum of education, which will allow faculty and students to develop confidence and mastery as they grow into LMS and online integration.

IMPACT: As a result of this migration, Faculty who use the LMS are strongly encouraged to visit the various online video trainings and schedule in-person one on one training with CII professionals to get a grasp of the new LMS and shorten the learning curve.
If you would prefer to view some instructional How to videos, you can find several at:
1. Introduction to Moodle (
2. Creating a lesson in Moodle (
3. How to create an online course in Moodle (

CONCLUSION: Moodle was selected as the best option for our teaching and learning needs at Lincoln University. In support of our university mission statement we look forward to the support of the faculty in making this transition as seamless for our students and this institution as is possible. One way you the faculty can help minimize issues during the transition is to be proactive in learning and engaging in this, our new course management system, Moodle. There are free publically accessible training resources available for you to consume in the form of videos and other media. If each of us will actively look for ways to make the most of the technology, and share the things we learn with each other, this transition will be significantly smoother than previous projects.