The Lincoln University Foundation, Inc.

Statement of Assets and
Liabilities as of June 30, 2012


Cash Accounts
$  602,709.18
$ 5,473,694.99
Total Assets
$ 6,076,404.17

Liabilities and Fund Balance 

$ 10,379.63
Special Purpose Funds
$ 372,664.05
Endowed Funds
$ 5,279,076.08
Scholarship Funds
$ 311,525.50
$ 102,758.91
Total Liabilities and Fund Balance
$ 6,076,404.17

Investment Policy

The Lincoln University Foundation follows a balanced investment approach, investing in stocks for growth and dividends, and in bonds primarily for itnerest income.  The Foundation takes a long term view to  investing, guided by its Investment Policy.  The Investment Policy considers the Foundation's need for growth and for income, and also considers the Foundation's spending requirements.  The policy emphasizes the importance of diversification to lesen the risk of loss.

The Foundation's funds are invested at Central Trust Bank and are managed by Michael Prenger, Vice President and Senior Trust Officer, and Matt Tolksdorf, Vice President and Investment Officer. Mr. Prenger is a Certified Financial Planner and Certified Trust and Financial Advisor with over 25 years financial and trust banking experience, concentrating in investment management accounts and public and private foundations. Mr. Tolksdorf is a Chartered Financial Analyst and is chief investment officer with ovoer 20 years of trust investment experience.


Portfolio Allocation
U.S. Equity
Fixed Income
International Mutal Funds
Money Market Cash
Notes, Mortgages and Contracts

If you would like a copy of the Foundation's Investment Policy,
please call (573) 681-5611 or