The Lincoln University Foundation, Inc.

Establishing a scholarship within the Foundation
If you are interested in starting a scholarship fund within the Lincoln University Foundation, please contact us at (573) 681-6070 or The process is simple and it can make a huge difference in the life of a Lincoln University student. We offer two types of scholarship funds – scholarship and endowed. A scholarship account has no minimum balance requirements and therefore has more flexibility, while the endowed account requires a specific balance (to be set by the donor and the Foundation jointly) and uses the interest from that balance to make scholarship awards. If you would prefer to contribute to a pre-existing scholarship or endowed fund, please contact us at the number above to learn the differences between the funds we currently manage.


  1. Why does a state university need private support?

    Lincoln University is state-assisted rather than state-supported: Less than 40% of Lincoln’s operating budget is provided by state appropriations. State support is critically important, but it continues to decline as a percentage of the University’s total operating budget, making private contributions from alumni and friends increasingly important, if LU is to fulfill its mission.

  2. How does the LU Foundation serve the University?

    The LU Foundation exists solely for Lincoln University’s benefit, serving as the preferred channel for private gifts to all areas of the University. Located in 301 Young Hall, the Foundation is governed by a board of directors that elects its officers.

    Through annual giving programs, planned gifts (wills, trusts, and other methods of giving), and special-purpose projects, the Foundation works with all colleges, schools and other units of LU (such as the Inman E. Page Library, athletics programs, etc.) to generate private support from alumni and friends.

  3. What are Lincoln University's fund-raising priorities and who sets them?

    Because the LU Foundation was established to facilitate the University’s mission, the University President, Provost, and central administration set the Foundation’s major initiatives, such as Capital Projects, with the concurrence of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

    College and department fund-raising priorities are recommended and approved by the deans and the LU administration with advice and cooperation from the LU Foundation executive staff. However, some fund-raising projects evolve from the ideas of external individuals or constituencies – Foundation staff members work with donors who demonstrate an interest in supporting any part of LU.

  4. How is the Foundation funded?

    The LU Foundation’s fund-raising expenses are offset in a number of ways, and we are pleased to assure you that every penny of your gift goes to the LU program(s) you designate for support. Our operational costs are covered by a variety of income sources, including gifts designated specifically to support Foundation’s operations; and a percent of earnings on invested gifts as they are channeled through the Foundation in route to their destination to the University.

  5. Does the LU Foundation make grants to members of the LU community or other applicants?

    The Foundation was established to encourage gifts to Lincoln and to act as a conduit for contributors to their areas of interest. Very few gifts come to the Foundation as undesignated funds. Such funds are not distributed at the discretion of the Foundation. Instead, the President of Lincoln University directs these funds to meet areas of greatest need within the University.

    Requests to the Foundation for undesignated funds are channeled from individuals to their department heads and/or deans. Such requests are then reviewed, prioritized, and approved by University President and/or the Provost. Requests made directly to the Foundation are redirected through proper channels. (This will be a part of recommended upgrades to policies and procedures).

  6. How is a gift to the Foundation different from paying for membership in the Alumni Association?

    Membership in the Lincoln University National Alumni Association (or local chapters) provides a way for LU alumni to keep in touch with Lincoln. The LU National Alumni Association provides services and programs for its members and encourages involvement in LU programs. Membership dues help pay for the services that the Lincoln University National Alumni Association provides and thus are not considered being charitable donations. However, the Lincoln University National Alumni Association does welcome gift support, over and above annual membership dues.

    The Lincoln University Foundation is the preferred channel for private gifts to all areas of the University. Though it is structurally separate from Lincoln University, it exists solely for LU’s benefit. Gifts made through the LU Foundation directly support areas –including the LU National Alumni Association –identified by the donor.