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Quick Facts—Lincoln University


Founded: January 14, 1866
Founders: Lt. Richard Baxter Foster and the men of the 62nd and 65th United States Colored Infantries--Civil War Veterans
Celebrate Founders Day: First Thursday in Februrary

Did You Know?

  1. Lincoln University was founded as Lincoln Institute.  We are the only institution of higher education founded by Civil War Veterans in the Nation.
  2. The University campus is comprised of 157 acres not including the University system farms, which adds 644.95 acres; bringing the total to 801.95 acres.
  3. Lincoln University’s mascot is the Blue Tiger, named Stripes. We became the Blue Tiger in the 1970s when a radio announcer wanted to find an easy way to distinguish the Lincoln Tigers from the Mizzou Tigers. Our school color of navy blue sparked the name "blue tiger," and it stuck. The University made an official change to Blue Tiger in 1970s.
University Oath: We will never bring disgrace to Lincoln University by any act of cowardice or dishonesty. We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the University. We will transmit our University to those who come after us, greater, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.

University Motto: "LABORARE ET STUDERE"—To labor and study

University Mascot: Blue Tiger

University Colors: Navy Blue and White


University Alma Mater


Lincoln, O, Lincoln
We thy proud children are;
Thou art our guiding star,
Lincoln believe,
Ours are hearts that yearn for thee
No matter where we be;
Morning, noon and always, we
Are Lincolnites.
Thy name, O, Lincoln
Shall e’er to us be dear.
Thy mem’ries sacred, near
Hold us to thee.
Thy honors ours shall be.
They cause when just shall we
With loyalty defend—
For thee we’d die.
Lincoln, O, Lincoln!
We thy proud children are;
Our hearts, both near and far
Love thee with delight.
No matter where we are;
Whether present, absent, far
Morning, noon, we always are