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  1. Overview of Circulation Policies
  2. Checkout Policies
  3. Community Patrons
  4. Renewal Policy
  5. Fine Policy
  6. Copiers & Printing

Overview of Circulation Policy

Circulation policies and procedures are designed to allow patrons maximum access to materials they need while maintaining the library's control over its materials.

Page Library practices the policies of Open Stacks. This means that all patrons can enter into the stacks without identification to retrieve materials. However, patrons must present their library card to check materials out.

This manual may be amended by the Circulation Staff as required with the University Librarian's approval.

Checkout Policies

Items in the Periodicals, Reference, Lincoln, Shaumburg, and Archival collections do not circulate.

Videos (maximum of 2) from the media department may be checked out by patrons for 2 days. Lincoln University faculty may check out 10 videos for 14 days.

Items in the General Stacks, Juvenile, Black Bibliography, Oversize, and Government Documents collections may be checked out by patrons for 21 days, graduate students for 30 days, staff for 60 days, and faculty and members of the Board of Curators for the semester.

Patrons must present their library card at the time of checkout. 

Community Patrons

Effective July 1, 2011

All community patrons must have a Missouri River Regional Library Card. Community patrons are not permitted to use the computers (outside of those designated for research only).   Jefferson City resident patrons are limited to a maximum of three items for check out and must have a Missouri River Regional Library Card to participate in Lincoln University's Community borrowing privileges.

Students from consortia institutions must present their official student ID card to use Page Library and to borrow library materials.  Consortia borrowers will adhere to the official check procedures designated in the consortia agreement established by their home institution.

Renewal Policy

Renewing an item extends the check out period as if it had been checked out again. Items may only be renewed twice, except for those items checked out by L.U. faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Curators which may be renewed once. An item may not be renewed if another patron has a hold on it.

Items may be renewed by phone, in person at the library, or by the patron through the OPAC or remote access to the library system.

Board of Curators and faculty of Lincoln University may also renew items by mail. Letters should include the patron's barcode number and the barcode numbers of the items being renewed. Letters should reach the library before the item's date due. 

To renew an item at the library or by phone, a patron must have their ID card and the items to be renewed. To renew an item through the OPAC, the patron will need the barcode from their ID card.

If an attempt to renew an item fails, the patron should contact the Information Access Desk (573-681-5504) as soon as possible to determine the reason the item could not be renewed. 

Fine Policy

Effective July 1, 2011

All Patrons must pay fines on overdue items. If the fines are not paid, patrons will be restricted from borrowing items from the Inman E. Page Library or members of the MOBIUS Consortia. 

Fines are assessed at a rate of 50 cents ($.50) per day per overdue item. For example, if a patron had two items that were each overdue by six days, the fine would be $6.00 (6 days x $.50 x 2 items = $6.00).

Fines for Reserve Items are assessed at the rate of two dollars ($2.00) per hour per overdue item. For example, if a patron had two items that were one hour and 20 minutes overdue, the fine would be $8.00 (2 hours x $2.00 x 2 items = $8.00).

If the item is more than 14 days past due (14 days x $.50 = $7.00), all patrons will be charged the current market value of the item plus an administrative fee. For example, if a patron has not returned an item on the 15th day, the patron will be charged the current market value (e.g. $47.50) to replace an item plus $5 administration fee (e.g., $47.50 + $5.00 = $52.50). In addition, on the 15th day, Page Library staff will wait 30-days before replacing the item.  If the patron returns the item within 30days, the original fine will be assessed and the replacement value removed. If the item is returned after the grace period and Page Library has ordered a replacement item, the patron will be responsible for paying the full amount (the replacement value plus the administrative fee).

Fines are assessed when the Page Library staff checks in overdue items. Until an item is checked in, no fines will have accrued to the patron's record. If an item is not returned on the 15th day, the full current market value will be placed on the patron's account and a hold (freezing of borrowing privileges) until said fine is paid and the overdue item returned.  

Fines will remain on the patron's Circulation record and Lincoln University students will have a restriction placed on their transcripts and registration because of the fine.

Having unpaid fines results in the immediate suspension of library privileges. Any attempts to check materials out are blocked.

Copiers & Printing

Page Library provides 1 copier throughout the building for our patrons use. Copies cost fifteen cents ($.15) a copy.

The copier will accept dimes, nickels, quarters, dollar bills and five dollar bills. The machines will not make change until a copy has been made. Page Library will not make change either.

For the location of the copier, ask at the Information Desk on the Main Level.
If you experience problems using a copier, contact a staff person to assist you right away. Please allow a staff person to troubleshoot the copier

Effective August 1, 2011

Lincoln University supports a green environment and the implementation of a print management system to assist the university with promoting the responsible use of paper, toner conservation, and costs associated with printing. Students, faculty, and staff using the computers that are associated with the print management system are using a service provided by the university. Those choosing to use this service may incur a personal cost to use such systems. While it is not the university's intent to make a profit, the funds collected will be used to cover the associated costs (supplies, maintenance and replacement) to provide an efficient, green, and state-of-the-art system printing system to users.

Users will pay $.08 for each black and white copy and $.50 for each color copy.

Students enrolled in classes will receive 125 free prints during the fall and spring semesters (any un-used print allotment does not rollover). This allotment is equal to $10 worth of free printing per academic year (defined as fall and spring semesters)

The free allotment cannot be used for color printing.

The print allotment does not rollover and has no redeemable cash value.

Users can add value to their account on line or via the Add-Value Station in the Library.