Learning In Retirement

Announcements & Reminders


Any questions on courses, please call Carol Ellinger, Chairman of the Curriculum Committee, at 893-2331 or the LIR office at 681-6152.

Lincoln University Toastmasters

Learning in Retirement Members have been invited to join the Lincoln University Toastmasters which meets from 12:00 Noon until 1:00 PM each Wednesday in Room 206 in Scruggs University Center on Lincoln's Campus. If you have questions, please contact Lois Marshall at 573-681-5509 or e-mail marshall@lincolnu.edu. 


Membership dues are due in January and are for a full year.  The Membership Application in the summer newsletter is for new members joining for half a year for $25.00.  If a member paid in January, dues are not due until January, 2014.

Membership information is available on this web site and within the July - December 2014 newsletter, The Learning Times.


Media Coverage

News Tribune's "Active Times"

Be on the lookout for Learning in Retirement, Inc. information and activities in The Jefferson City News Tribune's monthly supplement "Active Times".