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Craft Class

The Craft Class originally scheduled for October 9 – 30 has been pushed back one week. It is now scheduled for October 16 – November 6.  I will still meet on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 3 p.m. in Room 8 of Soldier's Hall.

St. Mary's Health Center

The Curriculum Committee regrets that because of personnel and other changes at St. Mary's new Health Center, we were unable to schedule a private tour of the new hospital. If you want a pre-opening tour, watch for their announcements for the general public tours.

 Membership Dues

Membership dues are due in January and are for a full year. The Membership Application in the summer newsletter is for new members joining at mid-year for $25.00. If a member paid in January, dues are not due until January, 2015.

Membership information is available on this web site and within the July-December 2014 newsletter, The Learning Times.

 Curriculum Committee

If you have any questions on courses offered by LIR, please contact Carol Ellinger, Chairman of the Curriculum Committee, at 893-2331 or the LIR office at 681-6152.


Media Coverage

News Tribune's "Active Times"

Be on the lookout for Learning in Retirement, Inc. information and activities in The Jefferson City News Tribune's monthly supplement "Active Times".