Educational Assistance Tuition Waiver

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An educational assistance tuition waiver is granted to benefit eligible employees. Benefit eligible employees are full-time staff members with one or more years of service. In-state tuition for full-time employees with one or more years of service shall be waived for the first six hours each semester for undergraduate enrollment. Fifty percent of in-state tuition for dependent children and/or spouse of an eligible employee shall be waived for the first twelve hours each semester for undergraduate enrollment. A FAFSA must be completed to determine eligibility except individuals who hold prior baccalaureate degrees.

The Employee Tuition Waiver Form must be submitted and approved for the respective semester no later than the last day for making financial arrangements with Student Accounts.

For the purpose of this policy, a dependent child is defined as one of the following:

·         one of natural birth (documented by copy of birth certificate),

·         one of legal adoption (documented by copy of legal adoption certificate),

·         a stepchild by marriage (documented by birth certificate and marriage license), and,

·         not over the age of 24.

To establish eligibility, the dependent child must complete and submit a financial aid application (FAFSA) to demonstrate dependent status.

This policy applies to fees for tuition only as stated above. This policy does not apply to any other fees. This policy does not include the summer session nor applied courses such as music where one on one instruction occurs. Only persons who have satisfied all university admission requirements are eligible to benefit from the provisions of the policy.

Any person who receives a tuition waiver as provided herein and does not maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above shall be denied further benefits under this policy until a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above has been achieved. Benefits shall be denied until a 2.00 or above grade point average is achieved the subsequent semester.

An individual receiving the fee waiver benefit under this policy who is not a candidate for a degree shall be limited to a time period of thirty-six months for receiving such benefits.

An eligible employee shall be granted three academic hours of release time during the normal work week. In addition, an eligible employee may utilize the lunch hour for attending academic classes with the approval of the area supervisor.