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Employee Training:  Effective Skills for Administrative Support Staff                              


1.     Understanding of who the customers are, acknowledge and ownership of them.
2.     Proper greeting of the public.
3.     Telephone etiquette.
4.     In depth training on proper conversation ideas for people waiting in reception area.
5.     Volume of conversation with public as well as office staff.
6.     Ways of conveying the willingness to help our customer to get from point A to point B.

 Space limited to 25 participants. - SPACE IS FULL



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Preventing Sexual Harassment

Title VII & Title IX

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·      Part II   From a Legal Point  Kent Brown
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                                                     Cynthia Scroggins
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Preventive Workplace Harassment   

Key Objectives & Critical Success Factors

·      Know the Policy                               
·      Represent the Policy
·      Learning Respect
·      Recognizing your Employment Obligation
                                                                            Presenter: Cornell Dillard
                                                                            Chief Human Relations Officer