Lincoln University Grievance Form (this form is for any type of grievance as referenced below).

 Title IX Sexual Harassment,
   Sex Equity and Gender 
Discrimination in Education


Who can use: Students,
Employees, or Third Parties?



        Title VII Discrimination
     Employment based on a
       protected class
        gender, religion, age):

Who can use: Employees & Job

     Complaint Procedure Link


     Title VI Discrimination in
       Education based on a
    protected class
(race, color
           or national origin):

Who can use: Student admission
applicants, Students and Employees

       Complaint Procedure Link


   Crime Based Complaints to
       the Lincoln University
         Police Department:

Who can use: Anyone observing
or involved in a crime on campus

 Clery Act Reporting Crime Statistics



   Faculty Grievance Process: 
 For denial of academic freedom, 
tenure and promotion application 
appeal, and salary disputes:

Who can use: Faculty

     Complaint Procedure Link


   Staff Grievance Process: 
     Procedures pertaining to  
   perceived policy violations:

Who can use: Staff

      Complaint Procedure Link

   When You Want to File a Complaint
Federal and state laws and Lincoln University established policies protect all students, employees and visitors at Lincoln University from discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work and/or education environment and criminal acts.    If the need should arrive, you may want to know how to file a complaint.
As students at Lincoln University, if you experience any type of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile classroom environment or criminal act, please contact any of the individuals listed below or feel free to speak with a faculty and/or staff person that you feel comfortable talking with.  The faculty and/or staff person will put you in contact with appropriate school administrators who will investigate and help resolve your concern.  The key school administrators who you can contact are listed below.
Employees at Lincoln University that may experience any type of discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment or criminal act, can follow the processes outlined in the referenced complaint procedures below. 
 Point of Contact(s) for Filing Complaints:
  • Ms. Rose Ann Ortmeyer
     Complaint Coordinator
     President’s Office 2nd Floor Young Hall
     Phone (573)681-5044
  • Mr. Jim Marcantonio
    Title IX Coordinator
     Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
     Human Resources Director
     Located on 101 Young Hall
     Phone  (573) 681-5019

  • Mr. Bill Nelson 
    Chief of Police 
    Police Department 1118 Chestnut
    Phone (573) 581-5555


 The Complaint Processes are on the right with a brief descriptor.