Revised: March 2014


Calculations for Summer Faculty pay when student enrollment levels are considered to be a full class:

Graduate Enrollment Level = 5   Upper Division = 10       Lower Division = 15

            8 week session:  June and July

Base salary divided by 10 * (credit hour %) for each credit hour class * 2 months

1 credit hour = .111

2 credit hours = .222

3 credit hours = .333

6 credit hours = .667

9 credit hours = 1.00

Example:  if a faculty member had a base salary of $50,000 and was teaching 6 credit hours, the salary would be calculated by $50,000/10 = $5000;  $5000*.667=$3335 for June and $3335 for July or $6670 for the summer.

            4 week session

If the faculty member above taught 6 credit hours in a 4 week session, she or he would receive $6670 for the month in which the courses were taught.

Compensation for classes which do not meet the minimum levels to be considered fully enrolled will be calculated as the in-state tuition revenues paid by the students enrolled in the class or the instructor’s normal compensation rate as calculated above whichever is smaller.  This option requires agreement of the instructors and approval by the department head, dean and the VPAA.