Student Employment Guidelines

 Student Employment
Students that are currently enrolled at Lincoln University are eligible for employment through departmental student employment. The hiring unit should have authorized budgeted funds for departmental student employment and complete the proper student employment request form, the Student Employment Request Form (SER)
Employment through federal aid/work study is also available for qualifying students.
The SER form goes through the following authorization and approval process. The department completes the top half of the SER form and then processes the form thru the:
·         Department Head signature at the bottom of the page, the SER form is then submitted to the,
·         Financial Aid Office for verification of student status and signatory, the SER form is then forwarded to the,
·         Budget Office to ensure appropriate account number, availability of funds and signatory. The form is then forwarded to the,
·         Human Resource Office for finalized signatory and entry into the payroll system.
The departments do not receive a copy of the completed SER form unless it is specifically requested. The department can contact the Human Resource Office via phone for verification of form approval.
If this the first time the student has worked at Lincoln University, the student must report to Human Resources prior to starting work and complete the following forms in the Human Resource Office:
·         An I-9 Work Authorization Form
·         State and Federal Tax Withholding Forms
·         Student and Employee Data Sheet
A student worker that has previously worked on departmental employment doesn't need to complete these forms more than once and can check with the Human Resource Office to see if the forms are on file.
Student Employment Session Periods are the:
·         Fall Semester {August 1 through December 31},
·         Spring Semester {January 1 through May 31},
·         Summer Sessions {June 1 through June 30 and July 1 through July 30}.
All student employment must have established start and stop dates in conjunction with school sessions. When effectuating a student employment please note the period date parameters.  A SER form needs to be completed for each period the student works.  At the conclusion of each period in accordance with the stop date, all student employment will be terminated automatically in the administrative management system.
Student Employment

Student employment is limited to twenty hours (20) per week for all positions regardless of funding unless a department gets prior presidental approval to hire a student worker to work up to 25 hours per week. 

Students utilizing work study are not allowed to work on an SER. Exception: Work study students working as tutors can work on a SER after 5 p.m. for no more than two hours.
Students who work as tutors, are authorized to work an additional job as long as the two combined jobs does not go over twenty hours (20) per week during the semester/summer session.

 The department supervisor is responsible for monitoring the performance and conduct of the student worker and for submission of time sheets for payroll processing.

Student workers' supervisors should submit properly signed timesheets to the Payroll Office in accordance with a recognized payroll schedule. Typically, the timesheets are due on the 1st of the following month for the preceding month with payroll checks available the 15th of the following month (i.e. February 1st for time worked in January, with the paycheck being available February 15th).
Students will be paid hourly wages only. There will be no salaried student workers.
A student worker must be paid at least minimum wage but can receive a higher rate of pay that equates to a level of skill and knowledge demonstration for that type of work.
The supervisor may terminate the student for poor performance, misconduct, or a lack of funding.
Summer Employment
If you wish to have a student employed and paid from your department funds during the summer, please submit a new SER for each month the student will work. 
Summer employment sessions: 
          June 1 through June 30
          July 1 through July 31
If you plan to hire a student worker during the summer semesters (June and July), please be aware that two separate SERs will need to be completed – one for each month.  Separate SERs are needed because budgets can change between fiscal years and LU's fiscal year begins July 1. 
Please remember that no student is to start working until proper paperwork has been submitted and approved by proper authorities.  Also, if you plan on having students work this upcoming fall semester, a separate SER form must be completed.  
International Students:
F1 visa holders are not allowed to work off campus without approval from HR.  They are eligible to work on campus for 20 hours per week during the academic sessions and 40 hours per week during breaks (summer, Christmas, etc.).   However, all F-1 visa holders working on campus must complete an "On-Campus Work Authorization Form" located in the International Center. 
If a student is on an F-1 visa but not registered for classes at the university, he or she is not allowed to work on the campus.  For example, if a student wanted to work this summer, HR would have to verify that he or she is enrolled for fall 2010 classes in order for them to be eligible to work for the summer. 
International students need a social security number to work. To obtain a card, the Social Security Administration requires an official letter or a form (such as On-Campus Work Authorization) verifying that the International Student has a job on campus before issuing a Social Security Card. This form can be requested/received from Admissions.