Position Control Requisition (PCR)

The Position Control Requisition (PCR) is the initial departmental form necessary to complete for job position authorization.   The purpose of a PCR is to identify the need to fill a position, refill a current position or create a new position.  Key information is:

·         position classification for exempt status

·         modify a position: change name, FTE, position type, etc.

·         compensation benchmarking

·         benefit eligibility

·         funding accounts


Data Field Definitions

Division Unit: full name

Departmental Unit: full name

Date of Request: date submitted to Human Resources


Position Title-Job title as desired upon approval of Position Control Requisition and Job Description  

Position Number: HR usage only

Date of Required: provide tentative advisement and/or start date


Position Description- What type of position is requested/required:

New Position               Faculty                  Exempt                       Permanent Full time                        

Existing Position          Staff                     Non-exempt                Temporary Part time     

Modified Position         Probationary       Non-probationary                    


New Title: Enter the tile for a new or modified job title


Comments: Explain reason for modification or job title change.


Term of Employment: start and end dates of employment (new employees, continuous):


Hours per work: 40 hours = 1.00 FTE, 20 hours = .5 FTE, etc


Employment type: hours expected to work during the week.

 FTE Status-depending on hours expected to work during the week, i.e.:

40 hours = 1.00 FTE

20 hours = .5 FTE

·         Permanent Full Time-PEFT

·         Permanent Part Time-PPTM

·         Temporary Full Time-TEFT

·          Temporary Part Time-TPTM (stipends)


Replacement for: why this position is needed; or name of last person that occupied this position.


Salary Range of Position: salary range for this position: However, position will be benchmarked according to the Human Resources guidelines;


Position Account(s) #: Department will provide funding account position will be paid from.


Search and Selection Committee Designation: Hiring Committee Designator is selected by the department.  The Designator is responsible for selecting a committee, screening applications, interviewing and recommending best candidate to fill the position.


Attachment(s): completed:

·         job description form – all PCR’s will have a completed job description form

·         job advertisement form – as needed

·         job posting form – as needed


The Job Description Form needs to be completed for position authorization.  The purpose of the job description is to provide specific and essential duties of position, required skills, abilities and necessary qualifications of the job, and supervisory reporting. 


A well written job description will state the technical skills, abilities and knowledge needed for the position.   It should also be given to the employee so they are familiar with the essential functions, responsibilities and other duties of the position. 


The PCR Form and the Job Description Form are forwarded through the proper organizational chain of command up to the Vice President level then forwarded to Human Resources for proper form review and affirmative action review.  The forms are forwarded to the Budget Office for review of budgeted fund availability (special grant money goes through Grant Accounting) and then forwarded to the President’s Office for signature.   At the time the President signs the PCR, the recruitment and selection process can officially begin. 

Once proper signatories are completed and the position fill is approved, the PCR and Job Description Form paperwork comes back to Human Resource.  The respective department is notified of the approved paperwork.