Adjunct Faculty PTR Form  Data Field Definitions


Position Information: Choose the appropriate information for the type of transaction.

·         Position Title –  Adjunct 

·         Department Name –full name or acronym

·         Adjunct Position Rank - check the appropriate faculty pay rate the person should be paid at

®     Adjunct assignment is based on qualifications of either a doctorate level or a master's degree level

·         Payroll Start Date - Adjunct faculty: first day in the month in which the person will get paid (start date is first day of actual work assignment). 

®    Fall Semester this will be September 1 even though the person starts teaching in August;

®    Spring Semester this will be February 1st; 

®    HR will establish an official start date for I-9 purposes.

·         Stop Date - Department will determine stop date (should be last day of employment in the month of academic assignment);

®    The position will generally be ongoing until time of termination.

·         Position Type Code - Temporary Part Time-TPTM.

·         FTE Status- Class load will determine %;

®     Class load will determine%: (i.e. one class=25%, two classes=50 %)

·         Job Classification -  AF (Academic Faculty)

·         Pay cycle: EM (end of month)

·         Total Stipend Pay-calculated by the number of credit hours taught at the pay rate per hour.

·         # of Pay: Number of months working

·         Monthly Stipend: Amount paid monthly

·         Comments: Reason PTR is submitted, action to be taken;


Adjunct Faculty Appointment Guidelines

Each academic department maintains its own roster of eligible Adjunct faculty. Individuals interested in being employed in an Adjunct capacity should submit

·    a resume and

·    official transcripts to the respective department.

·    When the department determines a need for an adjunct faculty, the person is contacted and asked to complete an Employment Application.

Hiring Process

The department should submit

·    A completed Personnel Transaction Report (PTR) Form along with the official transcripts and employment application to the Human Resource Services Department.

·    Once the PTR Form is completed through the signatory process, Human Resources will notify the department of the approval and return a copy of the completed PTR. 

·    Human Resources will notifying the Adjunct faculty person and inform them to report the first day of work assignment (exceptions for this are off campus instructor still require work authorization by a certified individual).

·    A new adjunct faculty person will need to come to Human Resources and complete an I-9 Work Authorization Form and appropriate State and Federal Tax Forms before the first day of employment. 

·    Human Resources will provide the Adjunct Faculty person with a handbook.

 All adjunct faculty is set up in the Datatel HR/Payroll module as a stipend with a defined payment amount and number of payments.  An adjunct will receive a maximum of 4 payments during the course of the semester, depending on when the paperwork is approved.

Adjunct faculty is not eligible for benefits. The only exception is when the person is currently working under a MOSERS eligible position at another employer. The person would then receive a retirement contribution from Lincoln University for the adjunct pay.

The department will determine the issuance of all keys, equipment, uniforms, or purchase cards to an adjunct faculty person.

The department will be responsible for the exiting of an adjunct faculty person including contacting Human Resources, Payroll and ERP/OIT through the email link on the HR webpage on or before the termination date.  The department must also make sure all items issued are returned before the adjunct employee leaves.