Employment Hiring Guidelines


Full and Part Time Regular Employees
All full and part-time regular positions are covered by these procedures.  When a unit has a position vacancy, the unit head must initiate a Position Control Requisition (PCR) form, a job description, and a job advertisement form.
These forms must receive the necessary administrative approval culminating in the president’s authorization to hire into the vacant position. The department authority of the vacant position will designate a search and screening committee, with a designated chairperson, that will be responsible for the applicant screening and interviewing process. The committee should reflect the diversity of the university workforce to the extent possible.
The position vacancy is posted and advertised, based on the department’s request as stated on the job advertisement form, through Human Resources.  All job vacancies are posted internally on the Human Resources Bulletin Board and the Lincoln University Web site for a minimum period of seven business days. The department authority may externally advertise in other publications as requested, at the expense of the unit with the open position. The employment advertisement should state the position title, duties and qualifications of the position along with required information to be submitted and a closing date. In fulfilling the responsibilities of recruitment, efforts must be made to actively seek out and identify qualified women and minorities and applicants with disabilities, informing them of vacancies and encouraging them to apply for available positions. The university also actively seeks to promote from within the institution when an employee has the necessary qualifications.
The search and screening committee members must be familiar with what constitutes illegal and perceived discriminatory questions. Interview questions should focus on the applicant’s ability and knowledge to perform the essential functions of the job; questions should be job related. Telephone interviews are optional for an initial screening and should be followed by in-person interviews for candidates further considered. The committee will develop a weighted rating system and a written evaluation format to be utilized with each candidate as a fair method of determining the preferred candidate(s) for recommendation.
The selection committee should obtain from all interviewed candidates the salary or wage expectation and available start date. 
The selection committee should inform all interviewed candidates that the selected candidate will be notified after the President approves the recommendation.  No candidate should be notified of a hiring recommendation until the official paperwork is processed and approved by the President. 
The committee should perform a job reference check on all candidates interviewed and considered for recommendation.
When a preferred candidate or slate of candidates has been determined, the committee chairperson will prepare a written recommendation along with a Summary of Employee Selection Process Part A-Applicant Listing and Summary of Employee Selection Process Part B- Interview Log, to be sent to the department authority. 
The department authority has the option of interviewing the recommended candidate(s). The department authority will make a written hiring recommendation through the chain of command and ultimately to the president, who is the final hiring authority. The department will submit a completed PTR form along with the recommended candidate’s applicant folder information.
Once the President approves a candidate for hire, the paperwork will be forwarded to the Human Resource Office. The Human Resource Office will contact the department authority of the approved candidate. The department authority can notify the selected candidate of the authorization to hire and inform the candidate that the Human Resource Office staff will be contacting him/her to schedule a start date. 
The Human Resource Office will provide the selected staff position candidates a Notification of Employment or selected faculty position candidates an Academic Appointment Notification signed by President.     
The department authority will be responsible for contacting all the applicants that applied for the position and notifying them of the process completion (a letter of appreciation for applying).