Colleges & Universities Retirement Plan (CURP)

Lincoln University provides eligible faculty employee retirement plans through  College and University Retirement Plan (CURP).
CURP is a “defined education plan” (non-contributory) retirement plan designed for teaching personnel, instructors, assistant professors, associate professors, professors and academic administrators holding faculty rank. Any faculty member hired at Lincoln University for the first time after July 1, 2002, meets the definition of an “education employee” and does not have previous service credit under another plan administered by MOSERS is eligible to enroll. 
Your employer will determine your eligibility for CURP based on the law and MOSERS’ board rules. If you are eligible, you are fully and immediately vested in the benefits arising from contributions made under this plan.
Lincoln Employees that are employed under the classification of federal employment will be covered through the Federal Civil Service Retirement System. Lincoln University contributes approximately 12% of the employee’s base salary.