Blue Tiger CUBS

(Community United by Service) Community Involvement

Lincoln University is a vital member of the Jefferson City Community. Outreach from those who work within the university is key to creating and maintaining lasting relationships that are beneficial for all parties involved. 

Lincoln Universiy is proud to announce the Blue Tiger CUBS program. Beginning April 1, staff who are not using release time to attend classes will be allowed to use a maximum of two hours per week of release time to volunteer within the Jefferson City community. Staff are encouraged to consider hours at the Jefferson City Boys and Girls Club and/or the Big Brother Big Sisters Program, but there are many worthwhile charitable organizations to which you could devote your time.

As with any initiative, there are a few points of order that need to be established to ensure its success:

1. Directors (or applicable supervisor) will document the volunteer time and submit monthly reports to the Office of Human Resources. The report will include the total number of volunteer hours, with dates and documented amount of release time;

2. Volunteer hours should not cause undue burden on the unit, its activities or daily functions;

3. Volunteer hours should not cause employees to require overtime or other compensatory hours to make up for missed work;

4. Release time is a privilege and can be revoked if it impedes on the work of the employee.

Let's get excited about this great opportunity to increase our community involvement and show our community some Lincoln Love through the Blue Tiger CUBS program.


LINK:  CUBS Volunteer Hours Tracking Form