Honors Program

Welcome to the Honors Program at Lincoln University.  The Honors Program strives to broaden and enrich educational experiences of bright, highly motivated, and creative students.  Honors students benefit from smaller class sizes, specialized coursework, study abroad opportunities, internships that offer practical experiences, undergraduate research with faculty, and personal attention from staff and professors.

Through its specially designed curriculum, Lincoln University provides the opportunity for faculty to teach academically talented students in inventive, interdisciplinary, small class settings designed to fulfill core curriculum requirements, as well as in advanced or intensive classes in particular disciplines.

The Honors Program is specifically designed for academic scholarship recipients, academically talented students and entering freshman and transfer students with a proven dedication to academic excellence and scholarship.  While the Honors Program offers a range of opportunities for academic and personal growth, it is the innovation, creativity, and motivation of our students that make the program outstanding.  The Honors program student reaches beyond good grades for success and has the courage to demonstrate superior ethical leadership in his/her chosen field of study.

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Dr. Ann Harris and Dr. Debra Greene

 Photo of Dr. Ann Harris                         Photo of Dr. Debra Greene
   Dr. Ann Harris                                                                                         Dr. Debra Greene                          

The Honors Program
102 Bennett Hall
Lincoln University
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