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Honors Internship Programs

The following is a list of internship programs in a variety of academic disciplines. Please note that this list is not complete; there are many more programs available, and you should conduct your own internet research as well. If you have already participated in an outstanding internship that you feel other honors students should know about, please contact us: The Honors Program

Arts / Biology and Ecology / Broadcasting and Journalism / Business and Finance / Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and Humanitarian / Education / Government, Policy, and International Affairs / Health and Medicine / History and Anthropology / Technology



·         John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts    

·         Richard Frankel Productions   

·         Steppenwolf Theatre Company        

·         The Hippodrome State Theatre                   

·         Manhattan Theatre Club    
          Contact: Paul A Kaplan Theatre Management Program Coordinator
          311 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor
          New York, NY 10036
          (212) 399-3000


Biology and Ecology

·         Student Conservation Association Internships        

·         USDA Foreign Agriculture Service          

·         Biology related internship resources by Rochester Institute of Technology                             

·         National Museum of Natural History      

·         Smithsonian       

·         National Zoological Park         

·         Institute of Ecosystem Studies                

·         Fernbank Museum of Natural History    

·         Florida Museum of Natural History        

·         Smithsonian Environmental Research Center                

·         Wild Dolphin Project              

·         Mote Marine Laboratory         

·         Grice Marine Laboratory        

·         Pasteur Foundation in Paris    


Broadcasting and Journalism

·         CNN                

·         National Public Radio                    

·         Newsweek              
          Mr. Marcus Mabry, Chief of Correspondents, Newsweek
          251 West 57th Street
          New York, NY 100191894
          (212) 445-5416

·         Nightline                 
          1717 DeSales Street NW, 3rd Floor
          Washington, DC 20036
          (202) 222-7000

·         Rolling Stone          
          Contact: 1290 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
          New York, NY 10104

·         Mother Jones           
          Contact: 222 Sutter Street, Suite 600
          San Francisco, CA 94103
          (415) 321-1700

·         Wall Street Journal    



Business and Finance

·         Dow Jones              

·         Bank of America     

·         Wells Fargo             

·         Federal Reserve Bank of New York        

·         National Basketball Association              

·         Northwestern Mutual Financial Network           

·         Boeing    


Civil Liberties, Human Rights, and Humanitarian

·         American Civil Liberties Union              

·         American Red Cross               

·         Amnesty International           

·         Carter Center           

·         Idealist.org              

·         National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy   

·         National Organization for Women           

·         Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights          

·         Smithsonian            

·         OXFAM America           



·         National Center for Fair and Open Testing               
          Contact: 342 Broadway
          Cambridge, MA 02139
          (617) 864-4810

·         Phillips Academy at Andover

·         The Southern Center for International Studies        
          Contact: Ms. Bozena Radwanshka Zavac
          (404) 261-5763 ext. 158

·         Northfield Mount Hermon Summer Session Teaching Intern Program     
          Contact: 206 Main Street
          Northfield, MA 01360
          (413) 498-3290

·        Quality Education for Minorities            


Foreign Language

·        Pueblo Ingles 

Government, Policy, and International Affairs

·        Clinton Global Initiative          

·        Student Jobs.Gov    

·        National Hispanic Internship Program    

·        Carter Center        

·        Washington Internship Institute             

·        The Washington Center Internship Program            

·        United Nations        

·        US State Department               

·        Environmental Protection Agency           

·        US Department of Labor         

·        US Department of Energy       

·        US Department of Justice        

·        US Geological Survey             

·        US Public Interest Research Group         


Health and Medicine

·         National Institute of Health     

·         Baylor College of Medicine     

·         Indiana University  

·         Johns Hopkins Summer Internship Program

·         Pasteur Foundation in Paris    

·         Mayo Clinic            

·         Pfizer      

·         Physicians for Social Responsibility       


·         Carnegie Mellon University         


History and Anthropology

·         Smithsonian            

·         NASA History Division          

·         National Park Service              

·         Library of Congress                

·         The National Archives            

·         Anthropology Internship Program, American Museum of Natural History         



·         INTEL    

·         Microsoft                                

·         DuPont