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Honors Program Course List

GE 101H: Honors University Seminar

ENG 151H/152H: Honors Composition and Rhetoric I and II

HIS 151H/152H: Honors World Civilization I & II

PSY 151H: Honors General Psychology

SOC 151H: Honors Sociology

HUM 200H: Honors Humanities

PSC 201H: Honors American Political Institutions

PHI 203H: Honors Ethics

ENG 301H: Honors Introduction to Literature

ENG 312H: Virginia Woolf and Her Works

BS 400H: Honors Service Learning

PHI 400H: Honors Special Topics

ANT 411H: Honors Culture Areas of the World

ENG 470H: Honors Special Topics/Language and Literature

ENG 471H: Honors Special Topics/Creative Writing

ENG 473H: Honors Special Topics/African American Literature

CJ 483H: Honors Service Learning

PSC 499H: Honors Internship/Political Science 

481H: Honors Summer Mentorship

482H: Senior Honors Thesis