Financial Aid

Accept/Reject Financial Aid Award


The Student Accept/Reject of Financial Aid Award and Federal Direct Loan Application Process.
You will only need to complete these steps if you wish to take out student loans.
 All other awards do not require further action.

  1. We are asking you to go out to Web Advisor at
a.    If you have previously received information about logging into Web Advisor, follow those steps.
b.    If you are new student to Lincoln or this is the first time you have visited Web Advisor, you may obtain your user id for Web Advisor, by clicking on the "Account Information" link at the bottom right corner of the main Web Advisor page ( 
                        i.    The initial password for a student will be their initials and date of birth in mm/dd/yy format (including slashes).  For example, John Doe born January 23rd, 1972 would have a password of "jd01/23/72." 
-- You are encouraged to register in the Self Service Password Management utility immediately after logging in with the initial password.  
If you have additional questions regarding user id and password, please contact the ERP Department at (573) 681-5888.
  1. Once there you will need to log in and click either Prospective Students or Students menu. 
    1. If you are a new student to Lincoln, please select Prospective Students.
    2. If you are a returning student to Lincoln, please select Students.
  1. Then you will click on "Accept/Reject My Financial Aid Awards." 
  1. You will be asked to select the award year. You must select 2015 for the 2015-2016 academic year. Then your financial aid awards will appear. 
  1. You may accept all, reject all, or accept/reject individual awards. Then click submit. 
  1. A confirmation page will appear indicating what you have chosen, please print this page for your records. At the top of the confirmation page it states that "Please select the below link to complete the loan application process. It is imperative that you complete this process before your loans can be originated." Please follow the link to complete the loan requirements:
  1. For ALL STUDENTS REQUESTING LOANS, you must complete the following item:
    1. Lincoln University Student Loan Request Form
  1. For all first-time borrowers at Lincoln University or of Federal Direct Loans, you must also complete the following items:
(1)    Entrance Loan Counseling*, AND
(2)    Electronically signing a Master Promissory Note (MPN)* for your Federal Direct Loan.
*You can complete these two items at the same website:
  1. We will receive verification via email that you completed the Student Loan Request Form and a response from the US Department of Education that you have completed the Entrance Counseling session and MPN.
Please make sure you keep copies for your records!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the 
Department of Student Financial Aid at (573) 681-6156 option 0.

Please note:  ONLY THE STUDENT SHOULD COMPLETE THESE STEPS!  If anyone else does on the behalf of the student, they are violating federal laws since the e-signature is meant for secure authentication. Parents should not be completing this process for the student.  Since the loans are in the student's name, the student will have to repay them therefore the student is required to complete the process.