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From: 10/12/12
Duration: All Day: All Day (Time Zone Sensitive)

Title Alan T. Busby Farm Field Day
Description: Visit the Alan T. Busby Farm for an opportunity to see the progress made with goats controlling invasive species in unmanaged woodlands and other innovative research. Busby Farm is intended to be the demonstration farm for integrated agriculture and extension. The farm will feature Organic Blueberry Production, Integrated Pest Management, Rotational Multispecies Grazing and Biological Brush Control using goats. Speakers will be Mark Kennedy, State Grazing Specialist USDA-NRCS “Fencing Options for Small Ruminants”, “Calculating Amount of Available Forage” and Dr. An Peischel, Assistant Professor (Small Ruminant Extension Specialist) Tennessee State University “Using Goats as a Biological Control for Unwanted Vegetation” For more information and registration, please call or email Vonna Kesel at (573)681-5312 or KeselV@LincolnU.edu. Registration deadline is October 1, 2012.
Type: Event

End Date: None