Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)’s purpose is to ensure that Lincoln University properly manages it chemical, biological, and radioactive material and prevent accidents and injuries in laboratories and other applicable areas that could impact students, faculty, and staff here on campus. EHS functions to ensure that the University complies with various local, state, and federal laws that pertain to the environment, lab safety, and hazardous materials used here on campus. EHS is under the direction of the Lincoln University Police Department (LUPD).

Waste Management Waste Management

EHS Management Services

 The following is a list of current services provided: 

  • Advise on proper handling and management of hazardous materials and wastes.
  • Conduct hazardous waste pick ups from all hazardous waste generators on campus.
  • Coordinate with appropriate groups for proper management of biological and radioactive material to adequately protect human health and the environment.
  • Arrange for proper disposal of any biological or radioactive materials on campus.
  • Audit and inspect laboratories and other facilities on campus.
  • Respond and provide technical support during hazardous materials incidents.
  • Provide training on hazardous materials, waste management, and environmental health and safety topics.
Recycling Tips Recycling Tips

Recycling Tips

  • EHS will recycle any recyclable batteries that are university property here on campus.  Please contact Mr. Clay at Clayr2@lincolnu.edu for pick-up or look at contact info to drop them off.

Click here to find out info on what types of batteries are  recyclable.