Biosafety Biosafety


Biosafety involves the safe use of biological materials in research, such as infectious or disease containing organisms, recombinant DNA technologies, bloodborne pathogens, human tissues, vectors of disease, and zoonotic agents, among others. The Hazardous Materials Compliance Officer of EHS serves as Lincoln University’s Biosafety Officer. EHS works with the Human Subjects and Recombinant DNA Review Committee (HSRDRC) and the Animal Care and Usage Committee (ACUC) to help insure safe research protocols, labs, and equipment. EHS works with researchers at Lincoln University to ensure that all guidelines issued by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health are being followed. Lincoln University maintains a Biosafety Program and manual for researchers.


EHS will offer the following services for the Biosafety Program:

  • BSL-2 Introductory Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • Lab Safety Training
  • BSL-2 Risk Assessments

Please contact Mr. Clay at or (574) 681-5497 for more information on LU's Biosafety Program