Design & Construction



 Design & Construction Staff

Sheila Gassner, Director
309B Young Hall

Mike Henderson, Facilities Project Manager & ADA Coordinator
309 C Young Hall

Tisha Huffer, Administrative Assistant
Outside Rental Coordinator
309A Young Hall























Contractors and Consultants,
Please mouse over the Design & Construction tab above and see the drop down box showing Notice to Contractors and Consultants for the latest in project information. 
Thank you!

Our department oversees: 

  • All new construction and renovation projects on campus particularly projects that are done by hiring outside contractors and consultants.

  • Internal and outside rental of Lincoln University buildings, rental properties, and land acquisition.

  •  At the first of each year we send to all departments a request for Capital Improvement Budget Projects to identify major and minor projects for repairs, renovation and up-grade. These requests are reviewed and as appropriate incorporated into the Capital Improvement Budget Request.

  • Many projects are going on around campus, feel free to contact Design and Construction for further information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with campus projects as "we build a better Lincoln University."

Please visit our project gallery for pictures of projects. 

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