Dr. Heather Fester Dr. Heather Fester

What is Writing Across the Curriculum?

Recognizing that effective writing contributes to a person's ability to learn and to communicate, Lincoln University's academic departments expect students to develop and demonstrate competence in using written language effectively. Each student in a baccalaureate degree program will be required to satisfactorily complete at least one writing intensive course in the major. Writing for the course will be distributed throughout the semester and will include formal writing assignments or a combination of formal and informal elements as deemed pedagogically appropriate by the academic unit offering the course. Writing will be a substantial and integral part of any course designated as writing intensive and will be a major component in determining the course grade.


The Writing Across the Curriculum Program is based on some principles that serve as the foundation of a writing-intensive course.   These principles are those that have been emphasized in the WAC workshops and in the literature in general.  A course which is designated writing intensive should reflect these principles.

  • Writing promotes learning as well as communication.
  • Higher order thinking skills are developed through frequent writing tasks that require them.
  • Teacher intervention/interaction in and with the writing process develops the writing and thinking abilities of students
  • An assessment of student abilities is more accurate if it involves writing.