Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments

What is the MEGA series of assessments?
The Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA) are state mandated assessments for all prospective teachers, guidance counselors, librarians, principals and superintendents.  They are meant to ensure that all educational staff will be well qualified and prepared for success in the classroom.  Each assessment is given at a specific milestone in the student's educational career, and is meant to act as a "gateway" to the next step in the Teacher Education Program (TEP).  We have provided a brief overview below, or for more information you can visit DESE's Assessments Page or the MEGA Overview Page provided by Pearson.

What assessments are in the MEGA?

Click on the assessments below to access LU's page for the assessments.  They are full of helpful information and resources including descriptions, cut scores, links to outside resources and study materials, and of course information about how and when to sign up for each exam!

Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA)Missouri Educator Profile (MEP)
Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA)Missouri Pre-Service Teacher Assessments (MoPTA)


What exams do I take, and when do I take them?

The MEGA assessments are administered in accordance to state guidelines, so it is important to talk to your advisor about how these exams and the various stages of the program fit in with your eduational career.  Since these requirements are the same across the state, it makes it easier for AAT and transfer students to know they are on track.  Students in Lincoln's Education Department should familiarize themselves with the exams and application process.

Pre-Application StageStudents are typically in their first three semesters of course work, and working primarily on general education courses, maintaining a good GPA, and preparing for the application stage.There are no MEGA assessments during this stage, however students must have composite score of 18 on the ACT to apply, and should work on achieving this goal if not already reached.
Application StageStudents are typically in their second year of studies (sometimes later for changes of major or transfer students) and have completed most or all of their general education courses, and may have begun taking Block I or Block II Education courses.  Students must also meet all other requirements for entrance into the TEP.After students have completed most of their general education requirements, they should sign up for the MEP and the MoGEA.  If the MoGEA is not passed, students must continue to retake failed sections until the exam has been passed.  Students will not be admitted to the program without all requirements having been met.
Acceptance StageAt this stage students have been positively accepted into the TEP, are taking Block III and Block IV Education courses, and additional courses in their content area. Students should talk to their advisors regularly to ensure they are on track and ready to take the MoCA on time.After taking a significant portion of their content area and pedagogy courses, students will take the MoCA.  Students are required to pass the MoCA before progressing onto the Student Teaching Stage, and there are no exceptions to this rule. 
Student Teaching StageAt this stage, students will be in the final semester of their educational career and have completed all required general education, content area, and pedagogy courses.  Generally no courses are taken concurrently with student teaching and student teaching seminar due to the stringent demands on the student teacher's time.During this time, students will be working in an actual classroom under the supervision of a Cooperating Teacher and their University Supervisor.  They will be working on the MoPTA throughout the course of the semester, with the various tasks aligned to their growing role in the classroom.  



For additional information, please contact your advisor or Aubrey Schrader (email), the Database Manager for the Education Department.