Selective Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Applicants are required to meet with an advisor in the Department of Education to receive guidance in completing the application process. Please contact:

Dept of Education
Rm. 452 MLK

Printable forms and requirements for admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) are listed below. The applicant must complete all of the items by the deadline posted for each semester to be considered for admission for the following semester. 

Meeting for Students Applying to TEP during the Spring 2014 semester:  Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Admission Form must be turned in to Ben Wood (MLK 452A) by Friday, February 17, 2014
All items required for admission to the TEP must be turned in by Friday, April 25, 2014
The final Teacher Education Council vote for the semester will be on Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Items to be turned in to Ben Wood or Mary Ann Davenport in the Education Office (452 MLK):

Application Form for the Admission to the Teacher Education Program   

wThe application form must be printed and filled out. In addition, this form must be signed by the faculty member responsible for each area in which the applicant seeks teaching certification and by the person responsible for the minor or area of concentration.

Test Scores:

wSubmit a copy of your scores from an American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) to the Department of Education Office, 452 MLK.

wSubmit copies of score reports from all attempts of the College Basic Academic Subject Examination (C-BASE) test or the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA). Regardless of the test taken all sections of the test must be passed before the candidate is fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

wThe Missouri Educator Profile (MEP) is a dispositional assessment that will be required of all students entering the Teacher Education Program.  It is now required that you take the MEP before being admitted into the Teacher Education Program.  The cost of the assessment is $22, and can be taken from a home computer.  Before registering for the MEP, contact Dr. Cheryl Hibbett or Dr. Glenn Brown to schedule an appontment to discuss the MEP and determine exactly when you should take it.  Registration for the test can be found at:

Other Items to be turned in:

wSubmit a copy of your transcripts showing completion of all required academic enrichment courses, ENG 101, ENG 102, SPT 206, and EDU 202 or equivalent, with grades of "C" or better. The transcript must show a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better at the time of admission to the Teacher Education Program.  Please note, the GPA listed at the bottom of your Webadvisor transcript only counts your grades in classes completed at Lincoln University.  Mr. Wood will calculate your cumulative GPA including transfer credits to ensure that it meets the 2.5 threshold.

wSubmit Current (Within the past year) Background Check.  We will accept background checks from either the Family Care Safety Registry or the Missouri Highway Patrol, although the Family Care Registry background check is less expensive.  The fingerprint search provided by the Missouri Highway Patrol is not required for ADMISSION into the Teacher Education Program.  

wInstructions for online Family Care Registry Registration

wFamily Care Registry Registration:  Paper Form


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hibbett to receive training on completing the General Admission Portfolio using Foliotek. Foliotek subscriptions are available at the campus bookstore.  A one-year subscription is $41.40 (plus tax), a two-year subscription is $81.51 (plus tax).

Faculty Recommendations: As part of the electronic portfolio, submit three faculty recommendation forms via Foliotek. At least two of the three forms should be completed by Department of Education faculty members.

Pre-Clinical Objectives, Requirements, and Instructions

wThis document explains what you must do to complete the pre-clinical experience. Read the form carefully and discuss the information with your advisor. Your advisor must approve the location for your clinical experience

wThis document gives you detailed instructions for writing a reflection based on your pre-clinical experience. Read the information carefully and discuss it with your advisor. This reflection paper is a required element of your admission portfolio.

 Pre-Clinical Time Sheet

wPrint this form and use it to keep track of the hours you spend at your pre-clinical placement. The completed time sheet must be signed by the person who supervises your work at the clinical site. Your signed time sheet must be scanned and included as an artifact in your electronic admission portfolio.

 Teacher Education Council Vote

Applicants who have completed the requirements listed above must be approved for admission to the Teacher Education Program through a vote by the Teacher Education Council (TEC). Applicants are responsible for submitting all required items by posted deadlines, and for informing the Education Office when they are eligible for a TEC vote.