Why Design? Why Design?

Why Course Design for ALL Classes is Critical

The growth of online courses stems from the rapid development of the educational market known as "non traditional students."  This market first came into play after WWII with  the return of many military people  ready  to train for a better life.

Today, the growth of online courses continues to come from military sources, but is also helped by workers who lose jobs in our poor economy and decide to return to school for another career option.  Single parents may choose parenthood first and then return to college with a long break from high school.MP900440987[1].jpg


Millennials Millennials



Remember you will also have a group of students who have completed a lifetime of education as No Child Left Behind students. They have very different values than students of previous generations!

And others! And others!
  • Students who are so used to  technology presentations that they can't concentrate for more than 5 minutes on anything!


•Students who can master all things technology but a learning management system….

All of these possibilities make the contributions of an instructional design team a valuable part of your course development process!