Class-room technology Class-room technology



NEC Projectors

Small Portable Projector

Panasonic Projector

Larger Projector

Sanyo Projector

Small Portable Projector

Kodak Digital Cameras

Small digital camera with Memory card

Panasonic Digital Camcorders

Small digital camcorder with onboard hard drive

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Android based tablet perfect for emails and websurfing

Apple IPAD(S) 1-2

Apple IPAD perfect for emails and websurfing

Acer Tablet

Acer’s version of Tablet.

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus, allows access to Google Play Applications

Amazon Kindle Fire.

Electronic Reader From Amazon

Lenovo Laptop and Docking Station

Laptop with docking station, Loaded with University standard software.

Pop-Up Projector Screens

Used to turn any surface into a clean white slate perfect for projectors.


For poll's and in class participation allowing each student to vote or answer the questions presented to them by faculty