Welcome to the Department of Computer Science, Technology, & Mathematics' website. Our department offers associate & bachelor's degrees in Computer Information Systems (CIS), Technology, and Mathematics. We have a group of highly qualified and well experienced faculty members in the department and about half of them with doctoral degrees. Our main focus is to server the students with quality education in CIS, Technology, and Mathematics. The beginning courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the basics and the small class sizes allow students to get individual attention from the instructors. We offer many evening classes to suit the working adults and the internship courses in CIS enable students to obtain hands-on experience. Those who take the internship courses find jobs easily. Generally, our graduates from all three areas are employed by the state offices and area businesses. Some of them enter graduate schools too. Our pre-engineering associate degree program enables students to get easy access to any engineering school in the nation. A popular program in the department is the B.S.Ed in mathematics and the graduates find teaching jobs in the area middle & high schools. Some of the faculty members are involved in research activities as well in addition to the full time teaching duties. The department strives to institute undergraduate research in mathematics and other areas in the near future.
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