The Career, Counseling & Disability Services Office provides career workshops to LU students to prepare them for their job search. Before a student can be successful in obtaining suitable employment using the education and skills acquired here at LU, they need to be prepared to contact and meet prospective employers.

Host a Workshop 

We invite employers, alumni and professionals to conduct on-campus workshops for students. If you are interested in facilitating a workshop, we invite you to complete the online form. Some of the topics covered include:

·        Career Options for a Specific field (i.e., psychology, teaching, journalism, etc.)

·        Assessing and Building Your Transferable Skills

·        Selecting and Applying to Graduate School

·        Correcting Your Job Search Mistakes

·        Research and writing for publication

·        Preparing for the Job/Career Fair

·        Interviewing Techniques and Preparation

·        Dressing for Success

·        Letters of Recommendation

·        Social Media and Your Job Search

·        Writing a Personal Statement/Cover Letter

·        Careers in Higher Education

·        Searching for Part-Time

·        Job-readiness/Coaching

·        Maximizing Your Work-Study Positions

·        Mentors in the Work Place

·        Internships and Experiential Learning

·        Job-specific résumé development and writing

·        Networking

·        Mock Interview participation/preparation