The Career, Counseling & Disability Services Office provides career workshops to LU students to prepare them for their job search. Before a student can be successful in obtaining suitable employment using the education and skills acquired here at LU, they need to be prepared to contact and meet prospective employers.

Some of the topics covered include:

·        Career Options for a Specific field (i.e., psychology, teaching, journalism, etc.)

·        Assessing and Building Your Transferable Skills

·        Selecting and Applying to Graduate School

·        Correcting Your Job Search Mistakes

·        Research and writing for publication

·        Preparing for the Job/Career Fair

·        Interviewing Techniques and Preparation

·        Dressing for Success

·        Letters of Recommendation

·        Social Media and Your Job Search

·        Writing a Personal Statement/Cover Letter

·        Careers in Higher Education

·        Searching for Part-Time

·        Job-readiness/Coaching

·        Maximizing Your Work-Study Positions

·        Mentors in the Work Place

·        Internships and Experiential Learning

·        Job-specific résumé development and writing

·        Networking

·        Mock Interview participation/preparation