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11/25/13 3:06 PM
Truckload Coverage Representative (Kansas City, MO)

The Truckload Coverage Representative is responsible for ensuring all aspects of the Company's truckload processes are operating at maximum potential, and that full truckload shipments are being covered for customers. This role is responsible for service product planning, implementation, and delivery and will regularly function in various truckload coverage, price quoting, and carrier relationship development capacities. All functions are critical to developing truckload and market expertise and to support the Company, to provide a superior coverage experience for the customer and drive growth.

Coverage Function:
Responsible for the final decision on carrier selection and load tendering for every truckload shipment that is not covered using automated means. This is accomplished by calling carriers for every shipment received to negotiate coverage at the appropriate profit margin within the time allotted for the final pick up time of the load. This also includes setting the final pickup and delivery appointments, documentation of order comments, and communication and follow-up via the telephone to ensure the carrier performance meets the customer expectations.

Customer Service:
Provides follow up communication to customers, Sales, and other Service Delivery or Carrier Specialists to communicate rationale for rate quotes for truckload shipments. Also communicates to explain capacity issues, market conditions, current market rates, and works with Corporate Analytics to focus quote and brokerage tools. Coordinate and communicate requirements and/or outcomes to various stakeholders throughout the business including customers, users, executives, management, etc.

Carrier Relations:
Acts as point of contact for carriers, and proactively follows up regularly to build relationships and to grow a registry of companies who can provide broker truckload shipments at desirable rates. Contact existing suppliers (LTL, Cartage, TL, Partial TL, International, Offshore) to further develop partner relationships. Works to increase business while working to solidify existing business. Discuss and resolve any current issues. Research and develop new viable business segments.

Training and Mentorship:
Provide training and guidance to new and junior level employees. Serves as a support mechanism for management by assisting with questions as needed.

• High school diploma required. Bachelor's degree in a business or related field preferred.
• At least one year of professional experience in transportation brokerage, or a logistics related position. Will also consider other professional brokering background (mortgage, etc…)..
• Time management skills, negotiation skills, organizational skills, attention to detail, computer skills, telephone skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to multi-task, persistence, patience and knowledge of the transportation industry. Operation of a personal computer for 7 or more hours per day.
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