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social work counseling
10/9/13 3:21 PM
The Family Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

location: Kansas City, KS

Job Description: Practitioner II Bilingual - Behavioral Health Specialist
Reports To: Clinical Director
Division: Family Support Services
FLSA Classification: Exempt
Revision Date: August 16, 2013

Importance (I) Key C=Critical, N=Necessary, G=General
Frequency (F) Key D=Daily, W=Weekly, M=Monthly, B=Bimonthly, Q=Quarterly, S=Semi-Annually, A=Annually, V=Varies

Summary of Position
Provides direct on site social work services at Turner House Children's Clinic to include evaluation and screening, brief counseling for behavioral issues related to chronic disease management, depression, anxiety, bullying, conduct and adolescent issues. Provides referrals to outside behavioral health services, as needed for moderate to severe conditions. Follows up with community behavioral health providers (if patient is referred out). Engages in coordination with primary care provider. Provides education and counseling with family members related to child's behavioral health issues. All services provided in English or Spanish as needed.

Essential Job Results I F
Effective Relationships:
Interprets agency policy and services to consumers, other agencies and community groups as required. Works with the medical and administrative staff of Turner House Children's Clinic to coordinate services to clients. May work with community groups around unmet and special needs and may carry a special community assignment relevant to agency program. N W
Responsible for sustaining and follow up contact with assigned consumers, ensuring continuum of quality consumer service. N W
Contributes to the program’s effectiveness by responding same day to requests for information relative to case assignment or agency function. N W
Meets scheduled appointments prepared and on time. C D
Clinical Objectives:
Assists children and their families at Turner House Children's Clinic as a Behavioral Health Consultant through evaluation and screening, brief counseling, referrals to needed community providers and follow up with such providers. The counseling relationship will involve a combination of clinical mental health and human development principles, methods, diagnostic procedures, treatment plans, and other psychotherapeutic techniques, to develop an understanding of personal problems, to define goals, and to plan action reflecting the client's interests, abilities, aptitudes and mental health needs. Will utilize the DSM in diagnosis, assessment and recommendations. May administer and interpret assessment and outcome tools throughout the diagnostic and treatment process and provide guidance to children and families of Turner House Childrens Clinic. C D
Maintains professional licensure in Missouri and/or Kansas based on assigned location and service delivery. C A
As assigned, performs work duties that may include facilitating parenting groups or community presentations that is a need for client populaton that is served. N V
Accepts increasing responsibility commensurate with level of skill and experience. Should demonstrate an increasing ability to function independently. N A
As needed, provides case management support to children of Turner House Children's Clinic and their families to support achievement of meeting treatment goals. C M
Accepts and responds to assigned 24 Hour Call responsibilities. C Q
Helps maintain effective program functioning by meeting with supervisor one hour each week (in person at Turner House Clinic every other week and by phone or at The Family Conservancy every other week). N M
Maintains a consistent level of work production according to agency quantitative standards for this classification. C M
Prepares documentation such as grant reports, client and collateral correspondence that is accurate, timely, and meets agency standards. C V
Prepares accurate, timely work documentation including completing consumer assessments within two sessions or three weeks of first meeting, documenting each session with a session note completed at time of session, case closing will occur within 45-days of last contact. C D
Performance & Quality Improvement (PQI):
Contributes to the agency’s effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed; providing information and commentary pertinent to deliberations, recommending options and courses of action and implementing directives. G Q
As part of our Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) process, attends assigned meetings and contributes in a meaningful way. N V
Strategic Planning:
Supports The Family Conservancy’s Strategic Plan and ensures accountability through successful implementation of assigned objectives where applicable. N V
Maintains confidentiality of all agency information, consumer nonpublic personal information (NPI) and personal health information (PHI), as well as records directly or indirectly identifying any per¬son currently or formerly receiving services from The Family Conservancy. C D
Carries out The Family Conservancy’s Mission: Helping Children & Families Achieve a Lifetime of Success. G D
Ensures agency and program visibility by representing the agency at appropriate community events, seminars, or workshops as assigned. G D
Effectively utilize agency technology to accomplish tasks. (Microsoft Office Suite; Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive; program specific software; printers/fax/scanners/phone). N D
Maintains professional standards and technical knowledge by annual attendance at educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, informs staff and colleagues of the results of these activities. C A
Attends diversity training yearly. Application of knowledge will demonstrate awareness of the wide spectrum of socioeconomic, ethnic, racial and personal lifestyles/cultures found within the service populations. Employees are expected to apply knowledge gained from diversity training and to act in a sensitive, nondiscriminatory, professional manner. C A
Accepts, uses supervision, direction, consultation to maximize available resources in the completion of work duties. C M
Additional responsibilities will be assigned as needed to maintain and improve effective functioning of the department and to advance the mission of the organization. N A
All job responsibilities will be carried out under the direction of agency policies and procedures. N D

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Graduation from an accredited school of Social Work with a Master’s degree or education equivalent to a Master’s degree in related field from an accredited college or university required.
Bilingual fluency in written and oral English/Spanish required
Appropriate state (Kansas/Missouri) master's level licensure required. (LMSW in Kansas for this position)

Individual must:
• Possess knowledge of parenting practices and experience in providing individual child and family therapy.
• Comply with direct service hour expectation.
• Understand and respond to compliance and accreditation issues.
• Possess knowledge of treatment strategies in the areas of child behavior management and family crisis intervention. Experience working with children and families with special needs.
• Possess written and verbal communication skills required to interact with mental health and health professionals, vendors, and agencies in a professional manner, developing rapport and enhancing business relationships.
• Possess working knowledge of community resources.
• Possess ability to work with families in a supportive manner throughout the diagnostic and referral processes.
• Demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel.
• Prepare hand written and typed reports, perform basic business statistical calculations and draw correct inferences from data.
• Develop and implement programs and policies; exercise good judgment in developing and following policies and procedures and in conducting agency business.
• Develop rapport with consumers including children and their parents.
• Present information to groups and individuals.
• Lead and collaborate with a diverse group of staff; serve as a positive role model and team player.
• Present information to groups and individuals through verbal and written formats.
• Speak, read, write and hear English and Spanish to communicate with community members, clients, co-workers and others.
• Travel to all parts of The Family Conservancy facility, to Turner House Childrens's Clinic and throughout the service delivery community.
• Respond to agency’s needs when not at the facility.
• Maintain successful clearance on Criminal, Sex Offender, Medical, and Missouri and Kansas Child Abuse/Neglect Background Screenings.
• As a direct service provider, must be free from tuberculosis, as documented by TB test.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Prior relevant, working experience with Early Childhood and Childhood Mental Health preferred.
Experience working in a multi-disciplinary health care setting preferred.

Reporting Relationships and Principal Contacts
Reports to the Clinical Director or the designated Supervisor. Principal contacts include Medical and Administrative staff of Turner House Children's Clinic, other Family Conservancy agency staff, voluntary consumers, collateral’s related to health and school, systems, along with other social service agencies.

Supervisory Responsibility

To Appy
Indicate position desired and submit resume or application to Human Resources via:

Fax 913-342-2611
Mail The Family Conservancy
Attn: Human Resources
444 Minnesota, Ave., Ste. 200
Kansas City, KS 66101
The Family Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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