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 Hydroponic research Facility, left and Dr. Johnathan Egilla, right

Lincoln University Controlled Environment Hydroponic Research Facility

Dr. Jonathan N. Egilla

Research Principal Investigator


Controlled Environment Hydroponic Research
at Lincoln University

The Lincoln University Hydroponic Research Project involves both basic and applied research.  Research activities are designed to fulfill the primary mission of Lincoln University as a land-grant institution, which is: “to enhance the quality of life for diverse, limited resource audiences through supportive research at state, regional, national and international levels.”

Hydroponicsis the term used to describe the various ways in which plants can be raised without soil.  These methods are also known as soilless gardening—and are classified according to the type of growing medium used.


An increasingly health conscious world is rediscovering the significant contribution of fruits, vegetables, edible and medicinal herbs, and spices to human nutrition. Controlled Environment Hydroponic (CEH) technology makes small scale production of specialty crops possible without the various limitations of climate, soil quality, weed competition, pests and disease problems.  With CEH, year-round high quality crop production is possible; and premium prizes can be obtained for crops sold during off-season.


The purpose of this research project is to develop economically viable but sustainable methods of hydroponic production of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices under Missouri conditions.

This will be achieved by investigating improved and simplified production methods aimed at reducing production costs, increase crop yield, quality, and profit margin for limited resource hydroponic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices growers in Missouri.


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For further information please contact:


Dr. Jonathan N. Egilla

Assistant Professor of Horticulture & Principal Investigator

Lincoln University Cooperative Research Program

820 Chestnut Street,

Jefferson City, MO65101


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